A Girl Like Me, By Dr. Kenneth Clark

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Racism has always been a hot topic issue in America. Starting, of course, with slavery and enduring long after its abolishment. Many try to put an end to it, but this is one of those things that will take many, many years to completely eradicate from society. In this paper, I will briefly discuss both the Clark Doll Experiment and the film A Girl like Me, discuss my opinion on racism in America, demonstrate how racism effects the schools, and discuss how and why my interpretation of this compares with the views of another culture. This transcript discusses the Clark Doll Experiment, a study conducted by Dr. Kenneth Clark and his wife Mamie in 1939 to test children’s self-perception related to race. This transcript talks about how the test was done on mainly African-American children, using two dolls, a black and white one. It then briefly talks about the short film A Girl like Me, and its director and creator Kiri David. Along with that, the article explains how this experiment helped persuade the Supreme Court during the Brown V. Board of Education case in 1954 to desegregate schools. By providing proof of the psychological damage that was being done to black children attending segregated schools. Going back to the discussion about Kiri Davis’ film, it talks about how she used the same experiment, and got close to the same results as Clark did when he conducted it. This article continues talking about Kiri Davis, and an interview that was done with her mother explaining
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