A Girl Who Thought She Knew It All

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A Girl Who Thought She Knew It All I was given the wrong name on my date of birth due to my parent’s Chinese accents. “Lola, right?” asked the nurse. “Yes,” my father responded. On May, 6th, in 1997, my parents had intended to name me Laura, but the nurse misunderstood. Looking back at it, it seems like a silly mistake; however, their English was not proficient. They arrived in the United States with very little knowledge of speaking English, let alone reading it. My parents had the typical Chinese accent with choppy sentences, constant pauses, and bad pronunciation. My mom use to teach me how to count from one through ten and it sounded more like, “Won, chew, free” than “One, two, three” but that’s because those words were difficult for her to pronounce. Although my parents tried to educate me in the English language, Chinese was the first dialect I learned. Since Chinese was my first language, I was placed into English as a Second Language (ESL) in Kindergarten. As I wander to class, Mrs.Wilcox welcomes my peers and I with a bright smile on her face. I notice two massive metal cabinets dividing the room in half for a small friendly environment. I’m surrounding in colorful posters and an infinite amount of books. The blinds are up and I see the sun glisten upon the large pond overflowing with Koi fish. Moments later, a yellow duckling catches my eye as it splashes into the pond. My classmates and I all giggle as our teacher passes out cookies for everyone. From then on, I

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