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The other well-known and beloved play of Tennessee Williams is A Glass of Menagerie. It takes place between World War I and World War II in St. Louis, Missouri. After World War I, the stock market crash of 1929 came which sent the American nation into the Great Depression. Formerly well-to-do families found themselves underprivileged, and the poor seemed to get even lesser. The story of the Wingfield family is a close-up look how people dealt in various ways with their impoverished circumstances. To express his universal truths Williams created a term, which he uses in this play, the plastic theatre, which is distinctive new style of drama. He insisted the setting, properties, music, sound, and visual effects – all the elements on the staging…show more content…
Therefore, Amanda is the centre of the Wingfield family as his own mother was. Additionally, Amanda also has a place in the category of Southern genteel lady. Since reality and the mythical past world of gentlemen callers and Southern belles has an immense influence on her life. What is more, she changes between illusion and realism all the time. On favourable moments, she essentially ignores the harsh reality in which she has been destroyed and abandoned by her husband and has a son and daughter to care for in the lower class area of St. Louis, Missouri. The rescue from actual world is a mechanism which evolves from her imaginations and legends. It supports her in a way where she becomes more powerful to bear her present position. "Seventeen gentlemen callers" who came to visit her one Sunday afternoon in her hometown of Blue Mountain, Mississippi is the most intensive, miserable and false image in her memory. Amanda's fixation with this clearly overrated memory is the first sign that she misleads herself over and over

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