A Global Environment, Motivation, And Communications Across Cultures

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In this paper, the article under scrutiny delves in the analysis of management across cultures. The aspects under study include leadership in a global environment, motivation, and communications across various cultural divides in a global setting. All these aspects engulf the prominent topic of management across cultures. The focus also extends to include the identification of appropriate HRM skills across teams as a way of limiting workplace conflicts. These elements are related to one another as they revolve around the leadership duties, roles in a global environment. In this paper, we also scrutinize these aspects, the present imminent challenges and delve at arriving at a conclusion that seeks to address the current challenges. The paper also aims at establishing solutions towards solving the challenges that global leader’s encounter and their solutions. In addition, we highlight the initiatives undertaken by organizations to shape their leaders to take on managing organizations on a global scale (van Driel & Gabrenya, 2013).

Challenges of International Management

The article highlights the plight of a team leader named Carlos Gomez managing Heineken, a Dutch brewing company situated in Amsterdam. From Gomez’s experiences, we identify the challenges that global leaders and executives face in their workplaces. Gomez, who is of Mexican origin experiences, challenges with his interaction with the Dutch in his new workplace. Previously, Gomez was stationed
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