A.Global Expansion. As Of March 1, 2017, Mcdonald’S Has

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A. Global Expansion As of March 1, 2017, McDonald’s has unveiled future plans to unlock unlimited growth potential and increase the number of customers. The focus of the growth plan will elevate the customer’s experience by digital enhancement. Shareholders can also expect a new 3-year target for return on investment, and new financial targets in earnings per share. McDonald’s CEO is optimistic that eventually McDonald’s will be reasserted as the global leader of dining. In efforts to capitalize on attracting more customers, McDonald’s has plans to retain existing customers, regain lost customers, and convert casual customers. B. Update SWOT Analysis Strengths -strong global brand, market share, training, marketing, and diversified…show more content…
(Jurevicius, 2017) Weaknesses – Inconsistency, negative publicity (poor public image), high employee turnover, crowded market, and brand reputation. McDonald’s has inconsistent menus in different countries. Because of this, people don’t expect the same level of service or menu per each restaurant. McDonald’s has received some negative publicity about having a not so healthy food image. Some have even blamed the obesity in society on the food from fast-food places such as McDonald’s. This negative feedback causes some loyal customers to venture to other fast-food chains that offer healthier alternatives. Research has also been implemented by some firms to accuse the chain’s use of Trans fat for links to some health-related issues such as cancer in patients. (Candyleo13, 2016) Opportunities – upgraded menu, expansion plans, growth of the fast food industry, growth in China, technology, conservation, and globalization. Since McDonald’s has so many restaurants in so many parts of the world, that would be the perfect opportunity to open more restaurants in newer areas. China has a middle-class growth rate that is steadily increasing. This increases the need for more McDonald’s restaurants to spring forth. Introducing a healthy hamburger would be a great opportunity seeing that neither McDonald’s nor their competition offers that alternative as a health-conscious choice. More upscale restaurants would

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