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In the article (A Global Language English Language Essay) the author explained what a global language, and what makes a certain language to be a global language. The author believes that English is a global language. There are many factors that coincide with the author’s opinion. The author had a lot of points that proved that English truly is a global language. The author demonstrated his facts with a cohesive argument, using logos and ethos, however due to this being a more research-based article, there is little to no pathos. In the following paragraphs I will analyze the article and show what kind of rhetorical appeals the author used to further prove his argument.
A global language is a language that is spoken universally throughout many countries. A language is considered to be a global language when it is learned by a plethora of people. The most popular one being English. A wide range of English vocabulary was taken from other European countries. Famous linguist David Crystal argues that languages have a strong relation between dominance and cultural power. The main reason that the languages exist is because of a strong power-base, political and military or economic. (A Global Language, 2016). The author uses logos to persuade the reader through historical facts and by quoting famous linguists. He is explaining that the reason for the English language being so prominent throughout the world is due its dominance worldwide, this will be explained in greater detail in…

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