A Global Perspective Of Beat Terrorism

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How to use a Global Perspective to beat Terrorism
On July 14th, 2016, France suffered a devastating terrorist attack as a truck driver targeted his vehicle against the citizens of Nice, killing more than 50 people and injuring several more. Although 2016 has not ended, the world has suffered more terrorist attacks this year than any other year in history (Dorell). The group spearheading terrorist attacks in recent years is the Islamic State, also known as ISIS, a radical Sunni Muslim organization founded in Middle Eastern nations of Iraq and Syria (Cockburn). The history of Eurocentrism, western exploitation, and global inequality in post-colonial times has corrupted nations, causing people to resort to terrorist organizations. The international community’s social and political goals following World War II are related to combating terrorism, as the world’s leaders come together to discuss terms of peace, security, and unity against the common enemy of war and death. Terrorism challenges our world’s leaders to repair nations and people groups broken by the hands of the past colonial empires, eliminate the Eurocentric domination in the world’s economy and politics, and take charge against human rights violations worldwide. The world is undoubtedly Eurocentric and favors Western interests, with Western nations having a domineering advantage over developing nations in relation to politics and the global economy. For example, the World Bank’s voting power is distributed
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