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In 2007, the Arctic reached a 30-year low for sea ice (University of Colorado at Boulder), because of global warming or what scientists refer to climate change. Global warming might be the greatest threat to the future of humanity. Prevention of a global climate shift depends on early detection of human-made effects on climate. The current debate on global warming is divided into three categories: those who do not believe that the Earth is undergoing a climate change, others that believe the Earth is going through a climate change due to humans, and some who believe that Earth is going through a climate change but is not because of human activities. In order to understand the issues we have to look to scientific data meticulously.
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Using this method the air trapped inside the ice can be tested to measure atmospheric gases. The rate in which temperature has increased over the last few decades is alarming compared to the rate over the last century. Global surface temperature has increased 0.6 degrees Celsius in the past thirty years, and 0.8 in the last century (Hansen 14288). The significant increase can be directly related to the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. For the last 650,000 years atmospheric CO2 has never been above 300 parts per million (Hansen 14288). From 1950 to today, that number went from 280 to 380 parts per million, and proceeding at a rate unseen for 1,300 years. Direct observations find that CO2 is rising sharply due to human activity (Cook). The main source of CO2 emissions is the combustion of fossil fuels such as coal, oil and gas in power plants, automobiles, and industrial facilities (United States Environmental Protection Agency). It is most evident in the rise of automobiles. Motor vehicles have been rising by an estimated 3.69 million each year since 1960. Currently there are over 255 million registered passenger vehicles on the road today (U.S Department Of Transportation).
It is hard to get people concern about global warming, because it is a problem of the future. Global warming is like a falling rock, in the beginning atop a mountain it may be easy to bring to a stop, but once in motion near the bottom

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