Civil Society And Globalization Essay

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A globalized society creates an increasingly complicated set of forces and factors that bring people, cultures, markets, and beliefs together. The improvement of technology, transportation, and communication means that in the last century businesses, governments, and people are being drawn into greater proximity with one another. As a result, the notion of civil society is slowly being challenged because state borders are no longer ‘containers of society’, meaning that the state is no longer a ‘fixed unit of sovereign space’ (Agnew, 59). One of the key phenomenon of globalization is the emergence of a global civil society. Global civil society refers to the ‘vast assembly of groups operating across borders and beyond the reach of …show more content…

Therefore, global civil society and globality/globalization are two ideas that are inherently linked and interdependent on the definitions of one another. Globalization is a key concept that engenders a set of terms that embody it. Terms like interconnection, interdependence, liberalization, etc make us think of a ‘global situation that is marked by intense interaction and interdependence between country units’ (Scholte, 237). Therefore, global civil society is what defines relations and social connections in a globalized world where ‘territorial location, territorial distance, and territorial borders do not have a determining influence because the idea of place as territorially fixed is diminishing’ (Scholte, 237). An important concept of civil society is its influence on civic activity on a domestic scale and the influence that activity has on the organization of national politics. A large reason why the development of global civil society occurred was in response to the changing political environment as a result of globalization. According to Scholte, ‘new geography has ended the state’s effective monopoly on governance that developed under conditions of territorialism’ (241). In other words, in the new ‘post-sovereign’ world policies and administration does not adequately reflect citizenship and democracy because these ideals no longer center around the state. That is why global civil society is the attempt of citizens to

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