A 'Go' Approach to Mastering China's Strategic Concept: An Analysis

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Economists and strategists find that maneuvers for battle and for life can come from anything. Even from games. One of the most interesting articles on the subject is that written by Li (2004) where he takes the Chinese game 'go' to demonstrate insights on Chinese life, war, and military stratagems that can be helpful to US political and military leaders. Through evaluation of the game, he says, we can have an enhanced understanding of Sun Tzu's Art of War. The concept 'shi' is the cornerstone of Chinese battle. 'Shi' has no correspondence in Western thought but for Sun Tzu it was so important that he divided it into four characteristics and claimed it vital for victory. In the American couture, many liken the American way of war to chess and poker. The Chinese culture has a different connotation of war, and Li (2004) thinks that we can learn this connotation from the Chinese game 'go'. The game 'go' is the oldest Chinese board game and dates back to more than 4000 years. Two players compete for territory with the winner being he who acquires the most. The game board is the earth; the four corners represent the four seasons, the stones that players use represents activities on earth. Each player has a black or white stone representing yin and yang. Black goes first; stones stay in place until both captured and removed by opposing player. The game becomes more complex as more stones are introduced to the board. The game's objective to capture more territory / space
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