A God Like Me By Ramandeep Sekhon

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God like me essay-by Ramandeep sekhon A god like me,is a god that I think relates to me a god that my characteristics meet with positive or in a negative way,which is poseidon.Poseidon is a god of earthquakes and disasters.This god is very moody and also gets very mad very easily and it is not easy to cheer him up.Even though these facts are his negatives,but he also has some positive facts about himself which is he likes the saving of water he doesn't like when people waste water and is also very creative. The negative impacts of poseidon,that relate to me is that Poseidon,has a very bad temper which is the same with me. It is really hard to cheer me up once i am mad, it may take up to days and weeks when it comes to cheering me up .Once my friends were joking around with me,and I did not like the joke they had to apologize to me,for weeks until I did not forgive them.The other thing about the poseidon that relates to me would be I am really moody it doesn't take me a minute…show more content…
But the positive impacts of Posidon that relate to me would be i like to protect water and use as less of water as i can,because I should be thankful of the amount of water that i am being given.In some countries around the world people do not even recieve any water and even if they do,it is either really dirty and disgusting and they do not have a choice to drink it because they can get sick and can end up dying.I also really enjoy people that collect donations for saving water,because every time someone comes to collect money to send to countries that are not provided with any supplies of water,and everytime i use water for washing my dishes,brushing my teeth etc.I dont leave it on i only use whenever i am washing so then the water does not get wasted.The other positive impact of poisdon that relates with me is i am creative,i really enjoy drawing things,painting,decorating things,writing is aso my passion for creating creativity in.A myth for poisdon would be,he is the worshipper
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