A Good And Healthy Nutrition Is Essential For Your Health

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Table of Contents
1.0 Introduction 2
2.0 Objective 2
3.0 Findings and Discussion 2
3.1 External Environment 2
3.2 Lifestyle 2
3.3 Personal Choices 3
4.0 Evaluation of Government Strategy 3
5.0 Recommendations for Future Action 3
6.0 Conclusion 4
7.0 Appendices 5
7.1 Appendix 5
7.2 Appendix 6
7.3 Appendix 7
7.4 Appendix 8
8.0 Works Cited 9

1.0 Introduction
A good and healthy nutrition is essential for your health. However, a survey that was conducted in 2007 proves that the Australian adolescents consume less fruit and the intake of the saturated fat and the sugars have increased in consumption (Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2015). Some of the studies have shown that adolescents who frequently eat with at least one family member has a greater chance of having better food and also have a good nutritional intake. It is very evident that having the family meal a priority and by creating a positive family meal atmosphere, associates with a decreased rate of disordered eating behaviours and eating disorders in adolescents (DAA, 2016). Research shows that the Australians are eating even less fruit and vegetables before all the fast food companies started growing. The data received by the Bureau of Statistics show that the teenagers are the main charge in unhealthy eating dominated by the fast food. (Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2015).
2.0 Objective
This report shows how healthy MSHS community by determining the influencing factors. The influencing
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