A Good Atmosphere Of Healthy Communication

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SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY We, as a teacher should promote proper values that conduct the best behavior for students. We are the ones who encourage every student to be involved in “serving” on any social activity gatherings. We also initiate values towards environment and acting appropriately and behaving publicly is always a must in our responsibility towards our student. “The teacher should provide equitable opportunities for all students to develop their individual abilities, regardless of culture, socio-economic class, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or faith (Sorenson. L, n.d)”. We teach our students to create a good atmosphere of healthy communication as well as promoting active listening so conflicts are minimized as the students learn concrete problem solving. We promote core values towards righteousness and help them explore their own opinions and life views. Finally, we monitor the students for school improvement and academics. We teach them direct leadership and hands on to service towards society so they will grow and learn with a serving heart. COMMITMENT / WORK ETHICS These are the vital attributes for being a good teacher. Our commitment is to expect “ALL” our students that they will achieve good grades and achieve their hidden talents as well. We should always strive hard for them to learn in the best way they can. As a believer in Christ, we should also commit ourselves to the Lord as He always gives us fresh revelations, ideas and wisdom that we can
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