A Good Ceo Of A Health Organization

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Section 1: Introduction A good CEO of a health organization should have an aim to be successful in providing of appropriate, efficient, equitable and sustainable resources to the community. Good management is only achievable if the resources that are used for service provision are brought together during service delivery and are consequently carefully coordinated. Managers in the healthcare departments have a legal and obligatory duty of ensuring that there is provision of efficient and appropriate services within the hospital and health institutions in which they lead (Parand, Dopson & Vincent, 2014). Administrations in Healthcare field have to make sure that their patients care providers are in high level of quality and based on that, these are individuals who have to work hard to make sure that the providers of healthcare are improving their level of healthcare quality (Masadeghrad, 2014). Administrations in the healthcare field are in a considering themselves as prime positions, which they can control and change policies, systems, procedures system, and offering good climates for their patients in their hospitals or clinics. So, it is very obvious that administrators in health care organizations have essential roles when it is related to providing a high quality of healthcare as well as safety of patients within hospital organizations. According to Naidu (2009), satisfaction of patients is having many related variables that can affect the ability of patients to get
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