A Good Customer Service Is An Outstanding Dynamic Performance

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A good customer service is an outstanding dynamic performance, which takes care of customer by all means. It provides a professional assistance followed by a high level of skills and communication. New Zealand’s customer service is growing rapidly in providing a better service for its customer.This service sector is a motivating force towards NZ economic growth, which indicates the links to all business sectors and involves all New Zealanders in every aspect of trade. New Zealand Productivity Commission 2014 (NZPC) reports, the effectiveness of customer service and business in general has made a major positive change in NZ. The recent economic growth in NZ is twice as high in comparison to the last four decades. The statistic shows NZ service sector likely to be nearly at the same level as Australia while the United States is slightly over 3 times higher than NZ. Therefore, it is highly important to maintain three factors in Customer service and create a connecting chain with other business sectors in order to raise the economy of NZ even higher. For example, the main feature of CS to accommodate its customer and to have a long term relationship by treating customer with care and appreciate their support. A professional customer service will concern and provide a good quality of service, the right timing and value for their products. Hence, to insure and secure its function by offering a wonderful service. In addition, to increase the use of the service as demanded by its

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