A Good Death Essay

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A Good Death Death is final. Some die naturally in a peaceful manner while others suffer through tremendous pain in order to get there. Euthanasia is the only way for some people to leave all their pain behind. Euthanasia is the act of killing another person in a merciful way. Of course, euthanasia has many more meaning to it than that. A person that is suffering from a terminal illness decides that life is not worth living because there is too much pain involved and ends his own life, would that be wrong of him? That is the question that is at hand. Many supporters of the "right to die movement" can justify euthanasia. First, because terminal illness is causing pain that is unbearable for that individual. That is the main…show more content…
Nancy got mad because she thought they were going shopping and didn't take her with them. Now, she realizes that they went to make funeral arrangements for her grandmother. The next day, they dressed up and all went to see their grandmother. They didn't tell her that she had passed away. That was when Nancy realized that she would never be coming home again. She never got the chance to say good bye to her. When Nancy was nineteen years old, she asked her dad why he never took her to see her grandmother at the hospital. He told her that grandmother was deteriorating and didn't want us to see her looking like that. She had too much pride to let us see her in her frail state. Knowing how she was, she would have wanted to be euthanized because she was in so much pain. The doctors didn't listen to her and she suffered to the very end. Death was the only thing that brought her peace. A person that is living with a incurable disease that will eventually kill them in the end is living with a pain that is too much for anyone to handle, has the right to end it. Especially, if death was certainly not far away. Before they decide to make that decision, the doctors must let them know the facts and not give them a false sense of hope, so the patient can make an educated decision. Doctors are there to help the patient and that means in assisting them in suicide. That is known as active euthanasia. That is when the doctors are
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