A Good Deed Can Brighten Even The Darkest Of Worlds

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It is said that a good deed can brighten even the darkest of worlds. Opportunities to help others can come in a variety of ways and each is important, in its own respect. While microfinancing and charitable programs both have their respective benefits, in certain circumstances one may be more appropriate than the other. Charity should be implemented in times of emergency because it provides short term aid with no strings, prevents banks from capitalizing on tragedy and provides massive aid, whereas microfinancing loans should be utilized so that individual borrowers experience long term assistance and so that jobs can be created in impoverished areas. Charity is more beneficial tham microfinancing loans particularly in times of severe crisis. Philanthropy is absolutely vital when tragedy strikes. After natural disasters, individuals are not thinking about long term financial security for their family but rather when their children may get their next meal and where they will lay their heads at night. Loans are not effective these situations. The effects of loans cannot be appreciated because the borrower immediately must begin planning how to pay them back. Although it is not directly stated on the Kiva website, it can be inferred that the microfinancing system in Nepal crumbled beneath the rubble of the earthquake in early 2015. There are currently no borrowers in Nepal despite an impoverished lower class that Kiva frequently lends to in other countries. Charity prevents

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