A Good Deed Is Done, Performed, Or Accomplished Essay

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A deed is something that is done, performed, or accomplished. A good deed is something that is accomplished aswell, but involves helping, improving lives, and/or making a positive lasting impression in the community. There are millions of good deeds I couldve done for this project. I couldve helped at a homeless shelter, volunteer for big brothers/big sisters, I couldve even volunteered at an animal shelter. For my good deed I decided to donate blood. It was an extremely life changing experience that I would love to share with you. Ill be honest, I wasnt extremely ecstatic about the idea of getting a pint of blood taken from me in the middle of a school day. Throughout the day I tried to pace myself and remain calm. Now I’m pretty good at relaxing, but all I ever knew about being “relaxed” flew out of the window as soon as I stepped foot into the gym area. I grabbed a pamphlet and a folder labeled “American Red Cross” in big, bold letters. I sat down and read all of the information they emphasize in the folder. The first few pages were labeled with how I help and what I’m doing and I skimmed over those as Id already known how deep in I was. When the time came a nurse let me to a little “room” where she had to take my blood sugar and heartbeat to make sure I was capable of donating today. At first, I wasnt. She had informed me my heartbeat was through the roof and asked if I was nervous. “Duh!” Id thought. She let me sit and relax for about 5-10 minutes before coming
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