A Good Discipline Plan For Student Discipline

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Schools need to have a positive culture and climate to maximize learning. A principal traditional role of disciplining students who do not abide by the school’s and educators’ policies must be dealt with in a constructive way in order to maintain an orderly school. How a principal deals with student discipline has the largest impact on overall school climate(Cisler, 2013). A principal impact on student discipline is vital because the school should work as a team with the principal playing the part of a team leader, providing support to educators outside and inside the classroom. The principal first duty is to be highly visible to students serving as a reminder that they are monitoring student inactions with each other and in the classrooms across the school’s campus. A discipline plan needs to created by the school, with the administrator serving as a supervisor not an authoritarian. This is an important distinction because in order for students, parents, and teacher to buy into the discipline plan they have to be a part of its creation. At the heart of a good discipline plan should be the belief the every student has a right to learn and no one should interfere with that right (Meyers, 1989). The discipline should address how the school intends on ensuring that students feel safe. Education relies on the fact the students can focus on content without external factors interfering. The threat of student violence, bullying, and other various disruptions hamper the
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