A Good Example Of Environment

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An industries ' environment allows organizations to survive and strive by undertaking the opportunities presented to them and overcoming the threats that may come in its way. A good example of environment influence would be the opportunity presented to smartphone application writers created by organizations such as Apple and Samsung with the lines of smart phones Iphone and Samsung Galaxy and at the same time a threat to newspaper companies, as the usage of online sources of information increases.
The study of strategic management, through the use of various frameworks, gives organizations the possibility to identify their position in the industry in respect to its competitors. Moreover this allows them to set realistic goals to pursue and the right strategy to undertake. One of the crucial goals set by most if not all organisations is competitive advantage, the achievement of such can mean the difference between continuos profits and bankruptcy. This situation can be achieved through different methods however in this essay we will look how the analysis of the environment can help us achieve this.
Even though the future can’t be predicted perfectly, entrepreneurs and managers of leading companies have the responsibility of analyzing the environment carefully to identify and anticipate the next change, which could have an impact on the organizations‘ future strategies. Thus leading to a possibility of competitive advantage over the competitors. In order to analyze the…
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