A Good Example Of The Melting Pot Theory

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More times than not when immigrants come to a new country they will look for places and spaces where their friends and family live. These places known as ethnic enclaves are “areas of cities where immigrants of the same ethnic background congregate to create social and economic opportunities for themselves” (Chen 221). In other words when people from the same culture live in the same area of a city they tend to stick together and work with each other; they also tend to have their own enclave economy as immigrants hire each other and create jobs for themselves. A perfect example of an ethnic enclave is Little Havana in Miami, Florida. Cuban immigrant settled in Miami and instead of wasting time in the secondary labor market, they created their own firms and hired new fellow immigrants creating their own labor market. The melting pot theory is “a metaphor that implies the melting of cultures and intermarriage for ethnicities; a cultural assimilation of immigrants into one new land” (United States Bureau of the Census 1). A good example of the melting pot theory is the country of Colombia; a melting pot of races and ethnicities. The population is derived from three different racial groups: blacks, Native Americans, and whites; three racial groups that have mingled through the country’s 500 year history. The melting pot theory differs from ethnic enclaves; on the one hand the melting pot theory talks about how immigrants come to a new land and integrate to the new country’s

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