A Good Health System Successfully Delivers Treatment And Prevent Disease

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Epidemiology of Health Sciences Mounika ELP: 500 NATIONAL UNIVERSITY Dr. Cruz September 22, 2014 Abstract A good health system successfully delivers treatment and prevent disease. There is rapid growth in health care service sector. This research describes out of our experience of teaching epidemiology both in public health and health programs. This document refers to the epidemiology of public health by researching with different aspects and also how department of health state can handle the problem and also different methods allows to an assessment of importance of this problem. The role of epidemiology and the importance of the epidemiology to public health is discussed with applications and also problem solving…show more content…
According to Concise Oxford Dictionary, 1964 epidemiology is “The science of epidemics” by Hippocrates. Epidemiology derived from Greek words “epi” (on or upon), “demos” (people) and “logos” (word). Epidemiology is an information science. Generates the data for decisions which are made in the community or individual practitioner about appropriate intervention of prescription or investigation of problems. Epidemiology also defined as the characteristics and determination of disease and health conditions. The knowledge of epidemiology deals with age and sex distribution of disease and also risk factors, which includes cigarette smoking and lack of physical exercise. Primary health care epidemiology includes utilization of patterns like economic, organizational and also age and sex epidemiology is practiced in health. The scope of epidemiology covers disease patterns, cause of disease, prevention and control of disease. The fundamental disciplines of the health problems and also includes natural history and management. The increased knowledge of disease cause physicians aids and patient diagnosis, treatment and cure. Importance of Epidemiology to Public Health Epidemiology provides basic explaining and describing disease occurrence in population. Public health problems helps us to understand their impact and their potential significance. The definition of potential risk groups compares the
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