A Good Information Management System

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A good information management system will only help a company like Netflix to reap the benefits by gaining better understanding of how to align strategies and help pinpoint critical connections and holes along main company scopes these scopes are the people, processes, cultures and infrastructures. A good information system delivers a structure for companies to help evaluate themselves in relation to these measurements. By improving and understanding alignment with these critical measurements, companies can exploit the worth and influence of information as a strategic corporate asset to help them gain a competitive advantage. There are a number of factors that will affect a company if they have a bad information management system. It costs time and money when things cant be located or if locating this information become redundant. However, a well-done information system performing as a corporate benefit allows parties to objectively assess their use of information and precisely lay out a roadmap for corrections that help to optimize businesses returns. At any given time Netflix is accountable for more than one third of Internet traffic at its peak in the US alone. Last year Netflix revealed that they had signed up more than fifty million subscribers around the the globe. Data from all of these customers is monitored and collected in an effort to help them to understand the customers viewing habits. This in itself is very valuable not only to Netflix but to any other
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