A Good Job Of Creating A Solid Mystery

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BAPTISM presents as a very engaging thriller that maintains the audience’s interest from the opening until the ending. While there are elements of the script to discuss for possible further development and clarification, the script does a good job of creating a solid mystery. The script is driven by solid themes about abandonment, belonging, rejection, and acceptance.

The opening sequence on the bridge easily captivates the audience. The images and action on the bridge, combined with the haunting church song, “Wade in the water” creates a solid chilling and melancholy pitch. The idea of water also becomes very symbolic. The audience is hooked.

The first act also does a good job of establishing the protagonist’s ordinary world. One gets
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The idea that somehow the killings are all connected to Kevin is a subtle hint and clue that it has to be someone close to him. The irony being that Kevin saved Fay’s life, only for her to become obsessed with him, and eventually she takes the lives of others. The planting of Fay wearing a crucifix is another nice hint. Another interesting clue is the idea that Fay breaks into Kevin’s room, not to search for evidence, but because of her obsession. It looks like one thing, only to realize that her actions mean something else. In fact, when Barb says, “Haven’t seen you in a while,” it initially confuses the audience until the reveal.

The script offers a good red herring in David. He works well as the off-balanced and disturbed father desperate to find his daughter. The audience comes to wonder if he could be the killer.

With this said, there are areas of the script that are worth discussing for possible further development and clarification.

First, the idea that there’s a police officer or detective involved with one of the victims feel under developed or just left dangling. It’s another red herring, but there should be some type of payoff for this.

One has to assume that the evidence in the basement of David’s home is just part of his obsession, perhaps this can be clarified.

The feature of the script that does not feel credible is the news reporter and their dialogue. Specially on page 12,
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