A Good Leader : Lao Tzu

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A good modern day leader should be able to be honest, well-rounded, confident in his work, well committed, and be able to protect his country and responsibilities throughout any trials thrown his way. In modern day society a good leader would be Lao-Tzu. He uses beliefs and tactics that are civil for today’s society. As for comparing two great leaders from a time so far back, I would have to pick Machiavelli as a great leader. The way the writers present them in the book is almost opposite in every aspect. Lao-Tzu has a laissez-faire approach on things, while Machiavelli is the opposite and is ready for war. First of all, when Lao-Tzu says, “If you want to govern the people, you must place yourself below them” (213). That whole statement would throw society off now. It would make society decide that overall Machiavelli was the better leader, because of how weak that statement makes Lao-Tzu as a leader. When Lao-Tzu was a leader and he put himself below the people that he leaded, some people probably second guessed him. A leader should never place himself below anyone. Society will see this and run over their leader the first chance they get. Machiavelli is all about war and being fit with the mind and with the body. Machiavelli was an aristocrat with unbalanced luck that eventually planned to support himself over his writing career. His best work, “The Prince”, is a simple study on the makings of a prince or a leader, on what he must have in order to retain his power and

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