A Good Leader Or Manager?

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Sick Leave When the process of managing brings conflict, one must be ready to handle stress. This means that managers must act fair and hold their professionalism for every stage of their responsibilities. It is very true that stressful work situations can sometimes bring out the worst out of people, and therefore such emotions are not good for proper managing procedures or negotiations. What this means is that one must learn to stay in control of the situation, as this will carry with the rest of the workforce. This will illustrate a positive ethos for the manger. A good leader or manager must have a good character, a moral character will treat everyone with justice. This means that such manager or character must be fair when dealing with all employees or team members. Above all, fairness will help the manager to build a good relationship with their team. Even more, there are many situations where special factors must be closely observed. Such factors can involve culture, which happens to be the case for this particular project. The case analyzed for this project touches on the importance of culture when negotiating or managing a group or workforce that share different cultures or beliefs. Such situation truly requires a manger or supervisor who knows how to handle diversity and fairness. Such individual must be able to recognize and understand diversity. Also, this person must be able to adapt to changes as cultures bring changes to the work setting. This by way of
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