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A Good Man Is Hard To Find The Storm Of the two stories I read, one being The Storm by Kate Chopin and the other being A Good Man Is Hard To Find by Flannery O'Connor, I found that each had characters with moral dilemmas. In both, the setting played a role in these dilemmas but in different ways. In The Storm, the bad weather was the set-off to and unpredicted intimacy while in A Good Man Is Hard To Find, the setting seems to be focused around a family's vacation and their encounter with a criminal. In the following paragraphs, I will go on to explain how certain characters have moral dilemmas and how the setting helps to support my interpretations. The Storm is based around a woman by the name of Calixta who is left home…show more content…
If she feels that having an intimate relationship behind her husband's back is natural, then why is she hiding it from him? Having morals is to believe in something and to believe in them so strongly that you do not fear rejection because of them. Calixta obviously does not feel that her husband should know about the affair, but at the same time, she feels sexual relations are natural. To me, Calixta is confused with the real definition of morals. In the story A Good Man Is Hard To Find, a family is off on a vacation to Tennessee. In the midst of their journey they are encountered by a wanted criminal, The Misfit. In brief summary, the grandmother leads the rest of the family down a dirt road that she has mistaken for a road she used to live on. While driving down this road, they flip the car over in a ditch. At this point they are confronted by The Misfit who has witnessed this accident. The setting in this story began playing a big part a while before when the grandmother was alerting the family of the known Misfit being on the loose. At this point I interpreted that later in the story, the family would encounter this man. On the scene of the accident, I really came to terms with how troubled this Misfit character really is. Upon arrival of the scene, The Misfit instantly has the father taken in the woods and killed. Next

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