A Good Man Is Hard To Find Analysis

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In Flanney O’Connor’s short story “A Good Man is Hard to Find, is based on a fictional story of a family who plans to take a trip Florida; however, due to an accident, they never arrive as planned. O’Connor directs the reader’s attention to how the word “good” is used symbolically throughout the story. O’Connor believed that no matter what people have done in their lives, they could be forgiven of their sins. Through the story, O’Connor portrayed numerous domestic encounters and depicts how each one is relatively greedy in their personal manner. This shadowy story of a self-centered and snobby grandmother’s vacation with her family is marinated in association to the belief of Christianity. The story starts out with a self-centered grandmother who tries to make her son, Bailey, to take their trip to Tennessee instead of Florida due to the fact there was a fugitive who is known is known as “Misfit”, but what she really is doing is trying make him feel guilty when in fact, she really is trying to manipulate him. Since the grandmother did not get any conversation from her son, she reiterated the same question to her daughter-in-law. It is apparent that the family argues a lot, and the grandmother is ignored. The children liked to make fun of their grandmother even though she was sassy herself. If the truth be known, the grandmother really wanted to go to Tennessee herself. Although the grandmother was going no matter where they went, she never stopped squabbling. June Star and
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