A Good Man Is Hard To Find

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Working Thesis: In “A Good Man is Hard to Find”, O’Connor uses the corrupt, manipulative character of the grandmother, as well as the story’s plot and theme in order to emphasize the flaws of the church and the need for grace.

Fitzgerald, Sally. “On Faith.” Letters of Flannery O’ Connor, The Habit of Being, edited by Sally Fitzgerald, Macmillan, 1988, page 90.
In this print source, O’Connor explains how her Catholic faith influences her writing in a positive manner. She also explains her views on the importance of the church, as well as its positive and negative actions and consequences. She claims that one must cherish the world while they struggle to endure it. Sally Fitzgerald studied briefly at Stevens
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“Religion in ‘A Good Man is Hard to Find’.” Encyclopedia of Themes in Literature, 3-Volume Set, Facts On File, 2010.
This article from the SC Discus database explains how religion is addressed in “A Good Man is Hard to Find”. The short story emphasizes a universal need for grace by using very ungracious and unforgiving characters that are ultimately challenged by goodness and faith in the story’s conclusion. The grandmother’s faith is without fruit, as she ultimately compromises Christ in an attempt to save her own life. The author, Wiebke Omnus, was a PhD candidate at the University of Montreal, and his convocation year was 2004. The article is part of the Encyclopedia of Themes in Literature, 3-Volume Set, which was published in 2010, making it a fairly reliable source. The article does not appear to have any bias and is still relevant, as it was updated in 2017. The publisher is Infobase Publishing: a reliable and unbiased publishing company that only publishes references books geared towards the North American library and university-level markets. No sources are provided. This source will help me to provide textual evidence to support the claim that the grandmother is corrupt in relation to her faith. This analysis of the grandmother’s character will take place in my first body paragraph. Characters are an essential element of fiction, and this source helps to further evaluate the grandmother’s moral
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“A Good Man is Hard to Find.” Short Stories for Students, vol. 2, Gale, 1997, pp. 97-114.
This article from the SCC database explains that O’Connor sought to present a message of God’s grace and presence in everyday life. It then provides a basic summary of “A Good Man is Hard to Find”. The article continues, going into an in-depth characterization of the grandmother and how she ultimately dies having transcended into grace. The article’s author and editor, Kathleen Wilson, is a professor of history and cultural studies at the State University of New York at Stony Brook. She was educated at Yale University and has been awarded fellowships from a number of foundations. Even though the article was published in 1997, it still holds up, as it is analyzing a story that has already been written and will not change. There is no evidence of bias, as it is a simple analysis and summary. This source came from Short Stories for Students, which was published by Gale Publishing. Gale Publishing is reliable and unbiased, as they are an educational publishing company that has been publishing works since 1954. There are a few cited sources for this secondary source, one of which is biased. The biased source is a New York Times Book Review, which is biased in favor of the story, “A Good Man is Hard to Find”. This source will be useful in describing the grandmother’s character and analyzing her connection to spirituality in the first body paragraph. It also helps to connect

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