A Good Man Is Hard To Find Analysis

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In Flannery O’Connor’s “A Good Man Is Hard to Find” characters like the Grandmother and also The Misfit facilitate to point out problems on each a personal and whole society level. O’Connor crafts two characters that just about become symbols for the larger problems they have; their personal issues will be applied to a bigger scale. The dialogue between the Misfit and the Grandmother in “A Good Man is Hard to Find” tries to tackle deep queries of ethics and what a “good man” truly is, and also the concept of rights or justice among others.
O’Connor’s characterization of the grandmother serves to form conflicting ideas of what a “good man” is. The grandmother talks plenty concerning the past and the way in her time folks may leave their
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This is not unwarranted, as she merely tries to get out of the situation alive, nevertheless it calls into question her character and also the strength of her convictions. It conjointly makes the readers themselves question their own morals; what would they be doing during a similar state of affairs? The reader will feel sympathy for the Grandmother during this dangerous situation, nevertheless it 's her actions because what she says progresses and that causes the reader to pause and actually question the character of the Grandmother. The Misfit’s accomplices take her family, as they 're taken into the woods and shot dead. Throughout this point, the Grandmother appears to solely be centered on preservation, along with her solely recognition of something awry being after two isolated yells of “Bailey Boy!” O’Connor is showing the character of not just the Grandmother, however what she perceives to be the common trend in 1950’s culture.The concept of family unity and selflessness, even by people who propagate the concept, is forgotten once the individual is vulnerable.
Whereas O’Connor will have hints of existential philosophy with reference to the individual, she is ultimately influenced deeply by her Catholic upbringing. This ends up in the Grandmother being a highly religious character, perpetually asking the Misfit if he prays. Whereas on the surface it might seem obvious the grandmother is a more religious person than the Misfit , but in
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