A Good Man Is Hard To Find Analysis

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Short stories are often written to teach a lesson, point out the writer’s perspective on something they serve many purposes. But sometimes their purpose is hidden and hard to spot. They can sometimes be hard to understand or interpret. Still there are many ways and sources that can be used to interpret these stories. I used many of these source in understanding the story “A Good Man is Hard to Find”. “A Good Man is Hard to Find” began with a family of five and their grandmother getting ready to go on a vacation. At this point in the story I did not have any negative opinions on any of the characters. From the very beginning we saw that the children did not like where they come, but loved to travel and see things that are new and…show more content…
They also could have ended up in a city which may have meant more people around to either help them or to at least hear the gun shots. In this story, I found the theme to be a little confusing, I am unsure of the purpose in this story, although I did find it a little creepy, I cannot see any lesson or moral that the author is trying to portray in this story. Furthermore, perspective from which it was written also could have had a great impact on how we understood and interpreted the story. For example, when at the very end the grandmother called the Misfit her boy right before she was shot (O 'Conner). Currently I don’t really know what she meant by that, but had the story been written from her perspective instead of a narrator we might have had a little more understanding as to why she said that and what she meant by that. What if it had been written in the father’s eye then maybe we would know what happened to them, whether they were killed, whether the shots fired to lead the others astray, we don’t really know. But with the point of view we have we are left hanging on many aspects of the story. As far as plot the series of events were very slow. Nothing really happened until the accident, then everything moved rather quickly. With them taking first the father and son then the
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