A Good Man Is Hard to Find by Flannery O´Connor

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Notes on the Story
The story takes place in Georgia in some dirt road that creates a swirl of pink dust when it is ridden on. The dirt road had sharp curves on dangerous embankments and while looking down while on a hill, all that you could see are blue tops of trees “for miles around.” The setting changes from being on top of the hill on the road to crashing into one of the embankments and being in a ditch surrounded by dust-coated trees looking down at the family. At first it seems as if the people are there to help the family out and then they kill them instead because the grandmother spotted one of them, The Misfit, for the convict that he is.

Notes on the Misfit
The misfit recently escaped from the federal penitentiary. When the misfit is found he is with Bobby Lee and Hiram. The misfit nicknamed himself because he believes that the punishment he serves for his crimes don’t fit, “I can’t make what all I done wrong fit what all I gone through in punishment.” The misfit is a polite, well-mannered individual. The misfit and his crew all have guns and all buried their clothes after they have escaped from the penitentiary. The misfit does not like children, probably because they were the first to question him for possession of a firearm. The misfit has a reputation that precedes him, more specifically a reputation of doing bad things to people. Red Sam’s wife wouldn’t be surprised if the misfit would harm somebody for “two cents.” The misfit needed new clothes to be less
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