A Good Man is Hard to Find Essay

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A Good Man is Hard to Find I firmly believe that people reap what they sew. In the story, “ A Good Man Is Hard to Find,” the grand mother is a prime example of this scenario. Her pathetic ploys and acts of deviance cause harm to the family throughout the story and it ends up coming back to her in the end. You can tell that harms is inevitable for the family by some of the clues that are found in the grandmother’s behavior. For example, in the opening paragraph of the story, she is complaining perversely for the family to go on vacation in East Tennessee instead of Florida. The rest of the family wants to go to Florida but yet she is determined for them to do as she says. I believe that this is an early indication as to …show more content…
She should have been grateful instead of hateful because the family didn’t have to drag her along if they didn’t want to. I know that Bailey is her some, but why does she constantly aggravate him? My mother picks on me occasionally but never to the extent of the grandmother.

The grandmother was a very dishonest person. She began telling little John
Wesley ( her grandson), about a plantation she used to visit. She pointed to an old grave yard visible to the road. The more she thought about it the more she wanted to go back and see it. She knew that the family would not be up for seeing an old run down hat. What does she do? She begins to lie profusely, telling John Wesley about a secret trap door that has never been found to this day. This, in turn, cause the children to want to go visit the house and after constant ridicule the father turns the car around.

They begin to go down a narrow dirt road. The cat jumps out of the bag and in turn causes the car to wreck. When they get out of the car she decided not to tell them that the plantation she was thinking about was in Tennessee, not Georgia. By her bringing the cat along and insisting that they go see the house, causes them to wreck. Her childish behavior was the cause of all of this.

When they have an encounter with the misfit, she constantly pleads for him not to harm her or her family. She tells him to believe in Jesus. Fearing for her life she

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