A Good Man is Hard to Find by Flannery O´Connor

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Flannery O’Connor: “A Good Man is Hard to Find” Flannery o 'Connor. Known as the southern United States, the second after Faulkner writer. "A good man is hard to find" the religious fable story, the story is very simple, an elderly woman with her son a family trip to Florida, due to the old woman wanted to see a supposed to be on the way but somehow thought in Tennessee plantation in Georgia, and the way for the old woman with a bad idea to turn over a car, then the escaped from prison that inappropriate happens by men, finally killed all of them a six people, including the baby. The old lady with inappropriate dialogue between became the highlight of the novel, is also an important basis, understand the novel's theme and characters…show more content…
When the old lady out of his hands, and touched him on the shoulder, saying, "well, you are also one of my children, one of my own son!" Sometimes, inappropriate at her chest open three times. The old lady's words and tone as he was more passionate Jesus says that! Inappropriate people feel also said evil against the Lord, so he killed her. Therefore, inappropriate people was a religious fanatic, he possessed his dry out all sorts of magical things, at the same time, the more such people fanatical pursuit, the farther from god also, be abandoned by god. Look at the old lady this image. Novel begins by describing her son lobbied hard to give up to Florida and travel to Tennessee, love her nagging alive and responsive image performance, from her when you travel very exaggerated dress that she is still time to usurp the role of lady, also a age still indulge in the past day, although these days are far away from her. From her son and two grandsons attitude to her, she's at home and do not get the respect they deserve. She is wonderfully clever and quick in lure her sons and
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