A Good Plan Violently Executed Now Is Better Than A Perfect Plan Executed

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“A good plan violently executed now is better than a perfect plan executed next week.” What is it about this quote from General George S. Patton that some leaders are able to grasp and others cannot? Throughout military history, untold number of plans have been developed and executed with both success and failure. It is not the plan that moves entire Army’s across a land mass or storms a country’s beach head, but the plan that is developed during a split second between rounds cracking over your head that defines the battle at hand. In today’s Army, we as leaders have become inundated with having to know every little piece of information out there that we have become afraid to make certain tactical decisions for fear of not doing it…show more content…
The next day, the driver and I went out to the truck early just to make sure Murphy’s Law hadn’t struck and everything was still set for the prisoner transport. We drove down a couple of dirt roads on the FOB, less than a mile, and I found the NCOIC I was to link up with. He started off briefing me what the timeline looked like and where I needed to be. My driver and I went inside to get the mission brief, after we waited by the truck to be inspected. That’s when the games begin. The Sergeant First Class looked over our license and dispatch paperwork; that tarp that we didn’t have just became a problem I never foresaw coming. This SFC didn’t think it was safe to put prisoners in the back with no way to hide them. So, out came 1SG. Surely I figured she would be to say yes or no. I was sadly mistaken because before it was over, I was answering questions from the Battalion Commander of this unit. He explained that it wasn’t safe to have prisoners being seen by the local populace, which made no sense to me at all. I gave him a simple alternative to fold the seats up and the prisoners could sit on the floor of the bed, thus not being able to be seen by other civilians. This solution didn’t appease the LTC because now the prisoners were not safe from a rollover. It took everything I had to not smart off to him and say a canopy wouldn’t protect

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