A Good Sheep Are Law Obeying Citizens Essay

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Some man are stronger then others. They are born into ruling over others becoming the shepherd over the sheep. A good sheep are law obeying citizens. This brings good things to come when the sheep is peaceful and hard working for the shepherd. The shepherd allows the sheep to have food and shelter, so they can work hard. This shows that all men are not created equal.
Are action are benefitting or harming others all the time. But, if that is true how can justice be define as helping friends and harming no one. In the geek time people wanted to do what the gods do, which is misbehaving. (Killing, Rapping) The unraveling of Geek-sociality. We can see this happening in the US in present time. The sophists offered young wealthy Greek men an education in aretē (virtue or excellence), thereby attaining wealth and fame. If we lives in a unjust world if could led to violence.
To love something is to lack it (needs, wants, desires). Someone can desire to be like a certain person. It is what you lack, that is what you desire. For example, a men could be the biggest Red Sock fan but can 't even hit a ball.
A philosopher doesn’t give a hoot about money and honor. Love wisdom.
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Aristotle was the student of Plato. Socrates, Plato and Aristotle were the three thinkers that formed the cornerstone of Western philosophy. The physician 's art was a craft that was usually passed from one generation to another. So, Nicomachus, Aristotle fathers, was…

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