A Good Teacher Has Not Only A Knowledge Of Early Childhood Education

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A good teacher has not only a knowledge of early childhood education, but the ability to empathize with children and to give personalized care and attention. Early childhood is a highly diverse field that serves children from birth through age 8. During these years, children participate in different kinds of care and education settings. To be a great teacher, it means that you have to be close, and you have to be observing while listening to the child, so whenever you see a beautiful looking classroom, that’s the one which children are learning to succeed, you also can be sure that all the teachers are responsible and highly intentional. Everything that a good teacher is creating by looking at the environment, considering that the curriculum and teaching it to the children as individual people, and planning the learning experiences, and interacting with the children and their families, they are respectful, responsible and also thoughtful. And as they make decisions, big or small, they keep in mind that the outcomes that they seek will come in handy one day. In responding to the whole upcoming opportunities as in the teaching moments as the intentions of the teacher are guided in by the outcomes that the program is trying to have a clear sense of how the aspects of the program can relate to and to promote the desired goals that contributes to an intentional teachers’ effectiveness. The learning goals are usually determine at the given age of the child. Teachers must
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