A Good Teacher Needs Multiple Things

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A good teacher needs multiple things to be successful. Among some of the most important traits are patience, perseverance and the ability to adapt in any situation. Without these things, a teacher could find themselves up a creek without a paddle. Patience is essential to the modern teacher. With all of the potential distractions that children face in an age where an escape from reality is at their fingertips, teachers must be patient in order to get their desired results from a class. With all of the pressure that is placed on teachers these days by parents, peers, and administration, it may be hard for a teacher to get everything that they need to do done. Handing papers out, putting grades in, and constantly revising lesson plans to fit the needs and ability of the class, along with sticking to the curriculum. These tasks can prove to be very challenging and tedious, and without a very colossal amount of patience, a teacher might not make it. It does not only take patience to be a great teacher, let alone survive in the world of education. Perseverance is another essential trait that the modern teacher must possess. All of the patience in the world would not help the teacher who has given up. When children refuse to work, show up, or even put in any more than minimal effort, the instructor must keep trying. There may not be a way to reach every student in the classroom, but if the teacher simply gives up, then they will not reach any child. When the curriculum changes
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