A Good With Luxury Brand

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A good labeled with luxury brand, of which is also known as superior brand, opposites to those goods labeled for everyday purpose. And in the meanwhile, it is always associated with fashion factor, as a common sense, when people talk about luxury goods. Apparently, luxury brand is treated as a social indicator in some extends since it becomes one of the most important symbols for social status and life style in worldwide nowadays. In the meanwhile, online shopping continues to a robust growth, with a result of online retail sales contributing to 4.9% of total sales in the first quarter of year 2012, under the phenomena of economic crisis(Bureau, 2012). However, if luxury brand performs a good show for online shopping adoption, especially in China. It is known to us that after year 1978 for the Chinese economic reform, China has occurred an explosive economic increase, having a total number population of 13 million people. With a better life standard, Chinese people are hard to get contented by daily necessities. Instead, they want to show off their social status to some extent with spare money. Therefore, luxury branding goods are one of their choice. Also, it is meaningful to get insights from Chinese local people to better understand their online behaviors towards luxury branding goods, as China is a growing market for international business(Brennan and Wilson, 2012). Back to this final year paper, in this paper, the main purpose and objective of this paper is to figure…

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