A Government Agency Is An Organization

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A government agency is an organization that works like a government and is responsible for specific functions. There are federal, state, and local governments. All different government agencies work together to keep a community functioning. Specifically, a Board of Trustees under an independent school district works together to keep the school district working efficiently. On July 25, 2016, I attended a regular meeting of the Board of Trustees of Kilgore Independent School District (KISD). The Board of Trustees oversees the activities and actions of KISD. According to the KISD’s board policy, the mission of the board for the district is to provide an educational climate that strives for excellence and involves a partnership of faculty, students, parents, and patrons to provide maximum opportunities and encouragement for the development of productive citizens. During the Regular Board Meeting, the Board of Trustees followed an agenda throughout the meeting. The agenda consisted of many different important topics that needed to be discussed. To begin the meeting, the President of the Board of Trustees called the meeting to order and asked two fellow board members to do the pledges of allegiance. Next, those in attendance of the meeting and the Board members participated in an invocation. Now, the Board of Trustees opened up the floor so that the public could provide any comments. However, anyone who spoke could only speak for a maximum of three minutes. Next,
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