A Government Agency With Fice Of Quality, Performance, And Oversight

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A government agency with whom I am very familiar with is the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). I was a Program Analyst with the office of Quality, Performance, and Oversight (QPO). This particular office was responsible for all Human Capital endeavors that involved special projects and recruiting. The VA is no different than any other appropriated agency within the federal government, they are funded by tax payers’ money and have legislative policies to comply with. The different phases of the VA’s budget cycle are described by the Department of the Treasury as “life cycles” and include the following; Executive budget formulation and transmittal, congressional action, budget execution and control, audit and review. (VA.gov/finance).
The VA has endured harsh public and political criticism for their health care backlogs and erroneous disability claims in the past years. Therefore, Legislation has proposed a timeline for budget submissions. On February 3, 2015 the budget for the Department of Veterans Affairs was proposed. Upon its submission, legislation proposed a few changes including; better business practices, additional benefits, and extended authority to transport Veterans to VA facilities. The costs for the proposed changes were $50 million for fiscal year 2016. (VA.gov/budget docs).
Legislative Affairs requested a total of $5.9 million to allow VA to continue to address an increasing workload and to become more proactive in advancing Congressional communications…
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