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A Government Conspiracy To most a fairy tale, to some an interesting topic of discussion, however, to a small population, 5 % to be exact, Government conspiracy does exist. How, you might ask, do I intend to prove that indeed government conspiracy is real? I do not intend to prove it. In fact I only intend to inform you of its ever growing ploy of world domination, capitalism and control and open your mind to the idea that government conspiracy is out there. Throughout history as it is known to repeat itself, I will show facts that support this “theory” and dismiss the legendary lies we have been taught to believe through a system known as memetics. Looking back into the past, our four fathers first started the conspiracy of a new…show more content…
50-51. WEB) That is a clear indication that no ship, be it passenger or warship nor weapon bearing or not, flying the colors of any enemy known to the German forces were to enter those waters. With this knowledge one would think that sending a passenger ship into dangerous waters would require an escort. The Lusitania was not escorted. The captain of the ship Captain Turner was also advised on several occasions to reroute to a safer location or docking. These requests were ignored. It was also confirmed that the Lusitania, a passenger ship, indeed was carrying weapons and ammunitions. Along with that it is believed the Lusitania suffered from a second explosion, either the ammunition stored down below or a possible second torpedo launched from the U boat. Knowingly travelling into enemy waters, unguarded, with weapons, the Lusitania was inevitably sunk in order to achieve an excuse to join actively into the war for profit. “The Lusitania’s sinking created widespread public outrage and was the decisive factor in bringing America onto Britain’s side in W.W.I. However, the real story has yet to be told. For just as Pearl harbor and 9/11 were staged theatre pieces, so the Lusitania was sunk with the same end in view: to widen conflict
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