A Grain Of Wheat By Ngugi Wa Thiong

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In the 1950s when the United States was electing its thirty fourth president, a small country thousands of miles away, Kenya, was yet to have a president. Kenya was on the brink of beginning its revolution against British rule. Kenya was still young and was not called Kenya until 1963 but instead it was called the British East African Protectorate. At a time when India had just gained independence, Kenya sought to become its own independent state.
Famous African author, Ngugi wa Thiong 'o depicts A Grain of Wheat, a story of characters living during this time, to focus on the theme of fear throughout the novel. Having being born during colonial times, Ngugi wa Thiong 'o is able to mesh some of his experiences during that time in order to create a life-like imagination for the reader (Ngugi wa Thiong’o 376). In A Grain of Wheat, we follow the lives of Mugo, a lonesome man whose childhood has affected him as he combats fear. We also see the story of Mumbi who falls in love with Gikonyo but cheats on him with Karanja.
In this essay, I will provide background information on Kenya including the history of Kenya during colonial times. I will then proceed to offer a brief summary of A Grain of Wheat. Finally, this essay will analyze the fear that surrounded the society in A Grain of Wheat. It will show how fear helps in establishing a unified society while at the same time it separates us being affecting us negatively.
Historical and Cultural Context
Kenya is a diverse and

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