A Grandmother’S Love . When Describing Her, You Want To

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A Grandmother’s Love When describing her, you want to say she’s that woman with charisma, spunk, a little wildflower that has grown into an amazing woman without human intervention or describe her very distinctive features. That silver hair that often gets confused as grey, that defines the wisdom she has, wrinkles on her forehead and hands that describes her dedication to work hard to provide for her family and her cane she walks with to only put a little extra pep in her step, I don’t know about you, but I call this woman my grandma! Growing up surrounded by positive women such as my grandmother and mom the only thing I knew was to be the best version of myself I could be. This meant being phenomenal in every way; strong, beautiful…show more content…
The luxury TV time was here and there, but I didn’t mind not having it if it meant I could spend more time with my grandma! As this process continued I was learning what family truly meant to me and the sacrifices you had to make for your loved ones. The word family began to have a deeper meaning to me. Family meant that no matter what bumps in life we hit, we still have a support system, people that love you no matter what. My grandmother had that in me and my mother. If she knew she had someone who cared for her and would never leave her side that pretty smile that I will never forget, would shine brightly. August of 2012, she was rushed to St. John’s hospital after fainting and loosing conciseness. After numerous medical tests, blood drawings, and prescribed medications, the doctors concluded she needed a pace maker placed in her heart. She needed this to help control her abnormal heart rhythm. With the pace maker, she was doing a lot better, her memory was deteriorating, but her heart rhythm was under control. Despite this great news and improvement in her health, a few months later she was right back in the hospital. Unfortunately, this time she was staying for good. Trips I would normally take after school to go home, now became trips to the hospital to see her and to check on her. I hated seeing her in the state she was in, everyday it became harder and harder
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