A Great Audience Member : Kevin Williamson, A Roving Correspondent For The National Review Magazine And Theater Critic

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How to be a Great Audience Member!
Kevin Williamson, a roving correspondent for the National Review magazine and theater critic for The New Criterion, attended a performance of a new cabaret-type musical named “War and Peace”, written by “Natasha, Pierre, and the Great Comet of 1812.” While Mr. Williamson was at the musical he was seated on a bench next to a woman who was impolitely using her phone throughout the musical. Mrs. Williamson asked the young woman if she would mind putting away her cell phone during the musical because it was becoming a distraction. She rudely told Mr. Williamson “So don’t look” and “to mind his own business.” After boiling with anger, Williamson took the cellphone out of her hands and threw it into some curtains. Williamson is now being called a hero for taking a stand against a disrespectful and inconsiderate audience member (Signore). Audiences are comprised of individuals gathered together at a certain time and place at a public event, such as a play, movie, concert, or meeting. As a member of an audience, each individual is expected to be respectful to the audience and the performers until after the event has concluded by arriving early, no use of electronics, and remaining silent.
Highlands Little Theatre, located in Sebring, FL, suggests to their audiences that before they decide to buy a ticket for a performance they need to go take a look at theatre etiquette on their website. The website lists rights, responsibilities, roles, and…
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