A Great Correlation Between Wage Cuts And The Emerging Growth Of Meth

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Reding discovered a great correlation between wage cuts and the emerging growth of meth in this small town. The Gillette plant, which was the heart and soul to this community in regards to people creating a life in this rural town, began to cut so many wages, it made people struggle so tremendously they jumped at opportunity to turn a quick dollar, even if it meant delving into the world of meth. With such a high growth in meth production it is good to note that in regards to what Payne (2005) describes as self-direction, “ People’s sense of having control over their lives, alongside taking responsibility for their actions while respecting others’ rights” (p. 151). With this self-direction, the people of Olwein, Iowa took responsibility over the fact that they had little to no income, and took control, by cooking and distributing meth as a means of creating an income to survive in such a rural and devastated community. Having Oelwein be such a financially devastated community brought light to how the drug reproduced so rapidly. As Reding (2009) found, “All a drug needs in order to mutate is a body politic; the shift occurs where that body is weakest- where unemployment is high and poverty is rife, and people are disabused of their marginalization, or their “disconnectedness” from the “core.” (p.209) In this case Oelwein is more or less a pea-tree dish for creating a very idealistic home for meth and its abusers. With the lack of social standing in regards to job stability,
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