A Great Education Is The Basis Of A Strong And Prosperous

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A great education is the basis of a strong and prosperous society. Societies tend to disagree on the significance of education and its performance suffers on account of that urgency. Primary and secondary education in the United States of America is held at a standard that does not correspond to its current position in the world. The U.S holds much power and influence around the globe, yet the citizens are not being educated at a level in which smaller country 's citizens are educated. When comparing the U.S’s and Japan’s education system, there is a very evident gap between them; the intellect level that high school students graduate with differs greatly in favor of Japan. The American education system can profit from Japan 's exemplary…show more content…
With a strong work ethic Japanese students can handle a full schedule of classes throughout high school. U.S students spend less cumulative time learning material compared to Japanese students, leading to a disadvantage in the overall level of intellect that students attain during the school year. School years in the U.S are vastly different from Japanese school years, time spent learning is lower in the U.S. “Most students attend school around eight hours per day, usually 175 to 185 day per year. Most schools have a summer ‘break’ or about 2½ months from June to August.” Japan on the other hand “presence is required during summer vacation, usually the month of August. The school year has a legal minimum of 210 days, but most local school boards add about thirty more days for school festivals, athletic meets, and ceremonies with nonacademic educational objectives, especially those encouraging cooperation and school spirit.” (Wieczorek, 2008) Having and extra month of studying can benefit students on amazing margins; material can be reviewed in depth or more information can be assimilated. U.S students spend less time learning and more time on vacation — which also attributes to a poor work ethic — prompting to a lower intellect level when compared internationally. Craig C. Wieczorek states the following: Japan’s

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