A Great Leader Leads By Setting An Example

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Any given company having a great leader leads by setting an example, acts himself or herself as a role model. Employees tend to respect and follow leaders who follow what they preach. In Pearson Research and Assessment, the supervisor of the warehouse often comes and sweeps the waste and puts the waste in a particular bin. This is very encouraging for any employee to acknowledge that the leader himself just doesn’t orders to maintain cleanliness in the workplace but also actually cleans. The manager of the marking centre also leads by actions. For example, the manager works puts his mobile phone on silent and goes out of the office to answer phone calls. This behaviour is in accordance with the company’s behavioural conduct and doesn’t disturb the work of fellow employees working in the same office. Such example encourages other staff to follow the same behaviour which is beneficial for smooth functioning of the company’s operation. Moreover, to decrease he work load, two shifts are planned. However, manager just works one shift, which is in compliance with OHS and Fair Work legislation. This keeps a positive work environment among fellow workers, who then respects these policies. As far as communication is concerned, the manager holds a meeting with the team leaders prior to the start of 1st shift and 2nd shift. For communication to be effective, verbal discussion and instructions are followed by written/ printed materials that guides the team leaders to follow certain
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