A Great Man Who Conquered, Then Created The Largest Empire

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A great man who conquered, then created the largest empire in the ancient world had lived. Alexander the Great accomplished a lot in his short life conquering vast lands as well as spreading the Greek culture throughout Middle East also Asia. Alexander the Great has many accomplishments in his life, and changed history in more of a passive way than in a direct way because of his character and the accomplishment he had built over his lifetime. Alexander the Great was born into royalty in Macedonia July 356 BCE, this is when the greatest list of accomplishments began. In his life he was taught by Aristotle. Alexander the Great’s father, because he was a noble, assigned Aristotle to teach his son so he can be well educated. When…show more content…
After defeating Persia, he began dressing the way Persians dressed and had two Persian wives so the newly conquered people will be more comfortable with him as he ruled. In 331 BCE he besieged Gaza on his way to Egypt and conquered Egypt easily. The conquered city was designed as a hub for Greek culture and commerce. India was where Alexander the Great had his greatest battles. In the battle of the Hydaspes river, he emerged victorious against king pours. Alexander the Great wanted to conquer more land, but because of his army was exhausted by years of fighting decided to return home then died shortly after. Alexander the Great never lost a battle in his 15 years of conquest. While he conquered, he popularized the use of coins with propaganda on it. He named more than 70 cities after himself and one after his horse. He was said to be ruthless toward those that oppose him as well as fair and honest toward those who exhibited courage. He was said to have a temper problem and a drinking problem. Alexander the Great is said to smell good. Growing up, he had military experience, outdoors skills as well as education that is not common knowledge like medicine and art. He had Heterochromia making his eyes, two different colors, one blue and one brown. Alexander the Great washed his hair in saffron to keep his hair orange and shiny
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