A Great Philosopher

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A great philosopher once stated that if man were to be left alone for any period, man would create a multiple of highly controversial practices that invite slavery more than freedom. When one opens a new bag of shredded cheese or fresh salad, the vacuum releases it grasp of compressed air allowing the contents to breath monetarily with easy. The fall of any Empire brings into succession dissolutions and renewal of society, plus decay and the extinction of religious systems. The conquering barbarians were changing court policies, manners, customs, and laws, in addition to governmental heads of state. Therefore, allowing the opportunist the means to profit from the discoursed people that inevitably return to false heresies. At the end of the fourth century, the Church experienced strong forces pushing for a clear line between orthodoxy and heterodoxy, for institutional consensus and unity. However, Constantine enjoyed having favorability of general councils of the bishops to produce consensus. At the young age of 30 Gregory honed his skills as the chief administrative official of Rome, responsible for finances, police, provisioning and public works that afford him in educating him in creating six monasteries. However, Gregory was dissatisfied with his progress until his father’s death in 574, when he converted his own home into a monastery and retired to a life dedicated to studying the scripture. It was only three years of what made Gregory the happiest he had been in
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